The user journey is one of the key factors in a successful website. With all of our work, we develop wireframes that identify the hierarchy of the content and allow us to carefully plan layouts. We’re driven to create something that functions perfectly and looks great on all screen sizes. We want users to have the best possible user experience (UX).

Because we’ve been around since 2005, we’ve been prototyping for longer than it’s been fashionable. Whether we’re white-boarding, sketching, whipping up low- or high-fidelity designs or crafting a prototype; we like to start validating ideas as soon as possible. We use Invision to develop fully baked prototypes and clickable designs before we begin to build. This is a great collaboration tool between designers, developers, copywriters and the client. We’ll work with you and your customers to find the best methods for your testing approach.

Our websites still have all the functionality needed, but there is a clear journey and flow throughout the site for all types of visitors. We support strong branding and present your content in the best possible way. We do this by making information much easier to find, using simple colour coding or icons as signposts, clear navigation and menus, making filtering easier and enabling users to take action in the most expeditious way.

Very often the first step to understanding a product roadmap is to figure out who will be using the product or site and what they will expect from the experience. User research and persona development brings your users’ behaviour and preferences to life, going way beyond demographics. It provides insight and data about how they got to the app or location, what their preferences are and what their needs might be.