Our website design process explained

Have you ever wondered what work goes into creating a website? What web designers do to ensure websites achieve their objectives? And how to check all angles are covered with a robust website design process?

It might be that you’re taking the first steps in a web project and are feeling overwhelmed. Or, that you’re a seasoned marketeer struggling to keep ahead of new tech. Here we’ll show you how following a vigorous website design process is crucial to the successful completion of every project we do. And key to keeping our clients happy!

Over the years, we’ve honed and adapted the way we work, so here we outline our web design process from the initial meeting through to launch, as well as explain some techy terms.

What you’ll learn:

Table of contents:

  1. Discovery phase
  2. Content and SEO
  3. Creative and user interface
  4. Website development
  5. Website launch
  6. Website maintenance
  7. Website evaluation and improvement

Our website design and development process

1/ Discovery Phase

How do you ensure you serve the needs of your business and your customers online with great initial research and planning?

For larger projects, we conduct a discovery phase using a variety of analysis methods to look at what your business and customers need:

Sketched low fidelity wireframes

All these components enable us maintain a strategic overview when making decisions throughout the website design process.

2/ Content and SEO

What different elements of content are required within a site and how do we make sure the website is ranked highly by key search engines?

Creating excellent website content is a major step towards reaching your website and communication goals.

3/ Creative and User Interface (UI)

How do we create a visual ‘look and feel’ for the website and ensure it appeals to each type of target audience on their journey through the website?

4/ Website Development

During this stage, our developers are in their element; building, writing fresh code and testing to make sure the website is slick and super-speedy.

This is the most technical part of the build, so we’ve explained some techie terminology and the tools we use:

Feedback collected using Invision

Once these elements are completed, the website is really coming together!

5/ Website Launch

What do we need to do as the bespoke website build nears completion?

We run a series of final checks and make sure the client has the skills needed to start working with their new site. These include:

6/ Website Maintenance

Your website looks great now… so what’s to maintain?

To make sure our clients keep their website in tip-top shape, we recommend that anyone with a CMS website invests in a support and maintenance plan. This involves three main elements:

7/ Website Evaluation and Improvement

Why do we say a website project never ends? Because it’s crucial to continually review performance and conversions. We meet with clients to review three and six months after launch to:

Hopefully this guide has helped to explain why using a reliable process is vital for the success of our website projects. If we’re half-way through a website build and a problem occurs, or the requirements change, it’s costly and time-consuming to reverse things, so we avoid this at all costs! We work in collaboration with our clients throughout the development process and beyond. If you have any questions and would like to find out more about our process, please get in touch.

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